#MediterraneanCoin Twitter ads

You can post a Twitter status containing #MediterraneanCoin and #ad hashtags to make it an ad on Social MED Portal!

#MediterraneanCoin #ad Yay!!! This is an ad! Visit our website: https://social.mediterraneancoin.org

There are several ad spaces positioned around Social MED Portal.

Each ad has an associated credits value, which corresponds to the number of minutes the ad can be shown on Social MED Portal.
Each ad starts with a credit value of 1000 (that corresponds to about 1000 minutes of ad visibility).
Every minute, the credit value of each ad is decreased by one.

Only the ads with the highest credit values have a significant probability of being shown.

The ad with the highest credit value has 80% probability of being shown on ad spaces.
The ad with the second highest credit has 10% probability of being shown on ad spaces.
And so on.
You can increase the credit of an ad by retweeting that status or by posting a special MED tipbot command (at the cost of 1 MED) :

#MediterraneanCoin votead 10

where "10" is the id assigned to the ad; you can find the id of the ad in the table below.

If an ad has zero credit, it (probably) will not be shown in any ad place.
If an ad has zero credit for three consecutive days, it will be disabled and will disappear from the table below (but you can post a tweet with the same text again).

ID created credits hits buy credits ad