MediterraneanCoin TipBot System

We decided to develop our own TipBot system in order to introduce unique features not found in other altcoins and services.

Download the complete manual from here:

The service is currently in beta testing.  We currently support the Twitter platform, more coming!

The unique features not found elsewhere are:

conditional tipping: a user can tip another one but the tip is confirmed when the tip gets enough votes by the community, before the expiration date. Each user has a single vote for each conditional tip.

assurance contracts: a collaborative tip where all the users contribute with small MED amounts to reach the total amount of MED before the expiration date.

autotipping: every time a user writes new content (i.e. new status on Twitter) containing 'mediterraneancoin'  our MED TipBot system tips  the user with small MED amounts!

Standard tipping is present, of course.

We do the maximum in terms of security, however we recommend you to not store large amounts of MediterraneanCoin on your twitter account. Somebody could hack your twitter account or steal your cellphone and gain access to your MediterraneanCoins.

MED TipBot Commands on Twitter

Commands to the MED TipBot on Twitter are given by posting statuses containing the '#MediterraneanCoin' hashtag (case is not important).

If you already follow the MEDTipBot user, you will receive notifications in response to your commands; else, you can lookup the response to your commands by looking at MEDTipBot tweets:

Example, post the following status in your Twitter account:

#MediterraneanCoin getdepositaddress

User MEDTipBot will post the following tweet:

@YourUserName your MED address for deposit is MaWph6LPTdH2qQncEd8ddyPrjXHv8E4QYX

In order to receive notifications from the TipBot, you need to follow the MEDTipBot user on Twitter. After you follow this user, it can take up about 12 hour to receive notifications from our TipBot, or post a "#MediterraneanCoin update" status message to force an update of your status.



#MediterraneanCoin getdepositaddress

responds with a notification showing your MED address for doing deposits

#MediterraneanCoin showbalance

responds with a notification showing your MED balance

#MediterraneanCoin mymedaddress  Mk17G7iHX2FfHQGoW4PEHKhHjSh55WmuMa

the user specifies her/his MED address for retrieval

#MediterraneanCoin withdraw 5 MED

the user withdraws 5 MED to her/his MED address (previously specified with the mymedaddress command)

#MediterraneanCoin sendtip @smallplatf  10 MED

send a tip of 10 MED to the twitter user identified by screen name "smallplatf"

#MediterraneanCoin enable

  I want to receive MED tips!  :)

#MediterraneanCoin disable

  I don't want do receive MED tips  :(

#MediterraneanCoin is the best!!!

for each status containing the MediterraneanCoin keyword (excluding commands), the twitter user gets a little MED bonus... try it!